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More than just capital and a push 
in the right direction

Whilst we aren't a specialist venture capital firm, we've worked with a range of external parties who would be of assistance for larger ventures. We will look at any investment opportunity, even if it is beyond our traditional scope. If your business requires an investment that exceeds that of an angel investment, we can certainly assist.

We've partnered with a range of businesses to make angel investments of varying sizes, as these early stage entities seek to take on the world. All investments we've made to date have been in businesses that have a disruptive business model and are led by passionate founders who work in the businesses.


Whilst we don't offer lines of credit or lending ourselves, a few of our partners have taken this path. It can be an effective solution when executed properly, and is an option we like to discuss with all businesses before we make any investment. Our CEO is still actively involved with a New Zealand financial service provider, so whilst we don't lend ourselves, it is an area which we're familiar with.

Today's entrepreneurs have access to a wide variety of options when looking to raise capital. Our team are all entrepreneurs themselves, so we understand the dilemma you're facing.  

There are a number of factors to consider, many of them unique to your particular business model. However the brutal truth is that the majority of small businesses, (upwards of 70% according to end in failure.


Despite this pessimistic outlook, our experience suggests that given the right resources, this doesn't have to be the case.

That's why our team at Avant-Garde Capital employ a very different model to the status quo. Whilst we make a financial investment in your business, it's the resources and assistance that follows which is the most beneficial.


Our program has been created to assist in the development of your business from the moment we make an investment until you reach whatever target it is you have. We don't require you to move to a new city like many incubators, instead our assistance is there if you want it, but not compulsory for you to take.


Get in touch with us today and we can run through the things that make us different. That way you can compare what we offer with all of the other capital raising alternatives.

Analysing the Data

What we invest in

Our business model is very simple. We're looking to partner with businesses run by innovative, honest and hard-working founders. We've historically invested in ventures that aim to disrupt established markets, however we will always consider those looking to create a new market.

Every investment we make is privately funded. This gives us a big advantage when working with your business, as we're not burdened by the bureaucracy that many angel investors and venture capital firms face.

We want to develop a partnership where our experience and resources add value beyond the capital we invest in the business.

We offer both angel investments and venture capital depending on the businesses circumstances. There are different methods we use when investing, some suitable to early stage businesses, and some more appropriate for established enterprises. We will run through the varying options before we meet face to face.
If you've got a business that you really believe has the potential to develop into something great, we want to hear from you.

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