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more than just capital!


"Banks have tightened lending standards to the (commercial property) sector" and;
"pre-sale requirements have increased; LVRs are more conservative; and banks have applied more scrutiny." 

—  RBNZ, May 2020

Avant-Garde: adjective \ ˌä-ˌvän(t)-ˈgärda
A new, unorthodox and innovative method.

Businesses have always been bound by the traditional offerings when looking to raise capital. Whether it is banks offering burdensome debt funding, real estate investors who want to exploit owner occupiers for a quick capital gain or venture capital firms and angel investors who are looking to ride the coat tails of a great idea, with minimal input.

However to raise capital, a business doesn't have to follow the status quo. There are viable alternatives, that offer easy access to capital and are centred around long term business relationships that benefit all parties. Our new, unorthodox and innovative method of raising capital ensures just that.

Avant-Garde Capital has been designed to do things differently. We invest our own funds in businesses we believe in. Whether it's an established business looking to utilise their commercial property to improve liquidity, whilst retaining a long term occupancy. Or an early stage enterprise looking for an equity investment from a company that provides more than capital, through collaboration, guidance and administrative support.

Our team can discuss a range of options for businesses of all sizes. We're investors, not lenders or a financial service provider, so we look at things differently.

What we offer

Commercial property purchases

With our unique investment model, we partner with businesses that own their commercial property and are looking to release capital, whilst retaining occupancy through a long term lease agreement.


capital investments

Our venture capital investments are suited to early stage but established businesses with a proven track record. Our assistance at this stage of the business cycle is more focussed around taking your business to the next level.

Angel investment

As an angel investor we provide small capital injections for businesses that are starting out or are in the early stages of growth. But unlike most angel investors, we offer more than just capital, with a range of resources to help startups succeed.

Commercial property investments that allow you to retain occupancy

If you're a business owner operating from your own commercial property, you're aware of the liquidity limitations of holding such a large asset on your balance sheet. Unfortunately these assets generally generate very little cash flow, however they do provide certainty for the business itself.


Our unique model allows the business to realise the true value of the asset and we inject cash to ensure the organisation is focussing on it's core business. It's not a debt facility or an equity investment, it's structured as a simple asset sale. However the point of difference with an investment from Avant-Garde Capital, is that the business retains occupancy of the premises with a long term lease in place. This ensures that the business can operate as it always has, however the company's cash position is significantly improved, providing a level of financial predictability that didn't exist before. An investment from us provides a level of certainty for the business that most commercial property investors can't offer.

Elevator Pitch for an angel investment or venture capital

If you're looking for a venture capital investment or to raise funds via angel investment we've created a simple elevator pitch for you to get in touch.


We understand that you want to protect your concept, so it's not wise to hand over a comprehensive business plan to someone you've never dealt with before. Which is why our elevator pitch is a simple way for you to reach out and see if your business is something we might be interested in.

There are five simple questions, that give us an overview of what you're trying to achieve, with a 300 word limit per question.

Based on our experience, good business ideas can be conveyed in a short and concise pitch. However if there is additional information you would like to add, you can do so once we respond to your initial proposal.

Once it's submitted, one of our fund managers will run through it and aim to get back to you in twenty four hours. There are occasions where we can't reply immediately, however if you think there may have been an issue with it being sent, please contact us.

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